“Imaginative Picture Book” series (5 volumes)

This series is based on the manuscripts written many years ago by the Japanese master of children’s literature, Haruo Fukami. After updated and reviewed, it is published for the first time in China! The watermelons on the road for a journey, children can doodle and play in the night, frogs can row boats in the rain, monsters and babies live together. In this fantastic world, imagination becomes reality, and the whimsical story enlightens the children. These picture books in the series perfectly match the children’s psychological needs, furnish them with the courage and strength to explore the future!

Author Introduction:

Haruo Fukami

HHaruo Fukami is a super popular Japanese picture book author and master of absurd children’s literature. Born in Tokyo in 1937, he enjoys the reputation in the world of picture books due to his distinct and personalized creations. Deeply understanding the psychology of children, he skillfully portrays the diverse and ever-changing world through astonishing imagination, humor, and an art style that exudes childlike simplicity. Fukami has created dozens of timeless classics that have been widely recognized and beloved in Japan for over thirty years. His works and artistic style have deeply influenced two generations in Japan, and many titles have been selected by the Japanese Association of School’s Libraries and the Japanese Library Association. Fukami’s works include “Haruo Fukami’s Beautiful Thoughts Picture Book Series,” “Haruo Fukami’s Sound Sleep Picture Book Series,” “Haruo Fukami’s Big Guy Picture Book Series,” “Haruo Fukami’s Magic Picture Book Series,” “Haruo Fukami’s Wonderful Journey Picture Book Series,” “Haruo Fukami’s Oops! Picture Book Series,” “Haruo Fukami’s Imagination Picture Book Series,” “Haruo Fukami’s Amazing Journey Picture Book Series,” and many more.


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Grumpy Little Monsters Letters from Far Away Watermelon Family & their Journey Babies in the Late Night Singing Marshmallows

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