“Susumu Sakurai’s master class of mathematics” series (6 volumes)

Content summary:

1.Mathematics Enlightenment – it’s easy to open the door to mathematics ! The book introduces mathematics concepts with simple and interesting stories and vivid illustrations. It guides children to discover the mysteries of mathematics and to enhance logical thinking.

2.Interest is the best teacher. “Yoshii’s Masterclass in Mathematics” contains mathematics games hidden in puzzles, guides children to explore knowledge hidden in daily life and enhances interest to learn mathematics.

3.Concreting Abstract Concepts. As a mathematics enlightenment book, “Yoshii’s Masterclass in Mathematics” not just teaches mathematics such as numbers, shapes, and calculations. Instead, it applies mathematics to real-life and solves problems effortlessly. By concreting abstract concepts and gradually deepening the learning process, mathematics won’t be tedious anymore !

The Surveys show that better efficiency appears when children learning mathematics through daily life against rote memorization. This series is a classic mathematics popular science bestseller in Japan, a masterpiece of renowned scientist Yoshii’s “Mathematics Entertainment.” It transforms dull mathematics into entertainment that children will instantly fall in love with. The series integrate mathematics learning into the bits and pieces of daily life, align the content with the curriculum. Children not only grasp fundamental knowledge but also gain a deep understanding of mathematics culture. This series effectively stimulates children’s interest in learning mathematics, turning the dry and boring subject into something intriguing, enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing, and no longer annoyed.

Profile of Author and Illustrator

Susumu Sakurai, born in 1968 in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, graduated from the Mathematics Department of Tokyo Institute of Technology. He’s guest lecturer at the Graduate School at Tokyo University of Science, College of Art at Nihon University and Japan Academy of film. His ”Exciting Live Show”, which everyone of all ages can experience in person, was the world’s first “mathematics entertainment program” and received tremendous positive responses in Japan. His major works include the “Math Adventure” series, “Math That Keeps You Awake Because It’s Interesting,” and “Exciting Adventure in the World of Numbers.”


WISE BIRD is an international publishing institution that integrates planning, writing, editing, and illustration design. Since its establishment, it focuses on publication in the children’s science education,The team consists renowned experts, scholars, writers, and illustrators from China, Japan, and South Korea. For more than a decade, WISE BIRD has published over 300 high-quality children’s titles in mainland China and nearly 200 titles in multiple languages in Asia including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Numbers Everywhere Simplifying Operations with Ease Comparing and Measuring Patterns Creative Applications of Geometry Mathematicians' Clever Ideas Smart Problem-Solving with Quantities


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