“The Incredible Mathematics Kingdom” series (3 volumes)

Mathematics is the key to unlock all the sciences. Learning mathematics could render choices for children’s future! This book employs easy and fun stories to transform mathematics from a daunting creature into a lovely rabbit. With the correct methods, children could hold the future in their hands!

Mr. Michel has a little farm where he raises two goats, one cow, and three ducks. One day, Mr. Michel decides to renovate the farm and together with little Miller, they plan the new look of the farm…

. Get rid of the rigid explanations, mathematics is right next to you!
Mathematics is the foundation of science and can be found everywhere in our lives. We often employs mathematics to solve daily problems without being aware of anything. We invite children following little Miller and learning mathematics with the practical perspective, establishing their skills in using mathematics in real-life scenarios!

. Organize knowledge in a timely manner and discover the mathematics beyond the stories!
In addition to learning mathematics with little Miller from daily life, we further organize and summarize mathematics knowledge, supplementing it with relevant practical knowledge. This enables children to understand the practical mathematics in their lives and expands the application in diversified scenarios.

. Engage children’s minds with real-life problems!
Which route saves most of the time? How do you convert waist measurements when buying clothes? How can you layout the TV in parallel to the sofa? Designed specifically for children, these questions extend learning to outside the book and applied easily in various real-life scenarios. Truly achieve “learning mathematics from life and applying mathematics in life”.

Author and Illustrator Introduction:


WISE BIRD is an international publishing institution that integrates planning, writing, editing, and illustration design. Since its establishment, it focuses on publication in the children’s science education,The team consists renowned experts, scholars, writers, and illustrators from China, Japan, and South Korea. For more than a decade, WISE BIRD has published over 300 high-quality children’s titles in mainland China and nearly 200 titles in multiple languages in Asia including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Exploring the World of Shapes and Lines Discovering the World of Quadrilaterals The Magical World of Triangular Shapes

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